Patriotismus != Nationalismus

29.06.2006, 14:06 von jovelstefan

So sieht ein australischer WM-Tourist die lächerliche Diskussion in Deutschland und spricht mir aus dem Herzen:

We will probably also go to Berlin if Germany makes the final. They won their final group match yesterday and again the people of Tübingen went crazy, taking to the streets. This to an Australia may not seem like such a big deal, but in Germany it is a big deal. So many Germans have commented that they have never before seen so many fellow countrymen carrying German flags or having the German colours painted on their face. In Australia we call this Patriotism, here they call it Nationalism. In Germany ‚Nationalism‘ is a dirty word because under the leader ship of a guy about 60 years ago it got the whole nation is to a whole lot of trouble, and the legacy of this remains ingrained into the country’s culture. Even today only one day after a crushing 3-0 soccer victory over Ecuador, most flags will be put away, most people won’t be wearing Deutchland T-shirts and certainly only a few will have face paint on. Perhaps this tournament could provide the turning point which allows Germans to separate National Pride from the sins of the past.

Ich hoffe schwer, dass er mit seinem letzten Satz Recht behält.

(gefunden über und Spreeblick)

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