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Posts/Comments Time

With this WordPress plugin a chart is generated to show the number of posts and comments for the hours of a day or for the days of a week.

As an example, these are the charts for this WordPress website:

Hour chart

Day of week chart

To install the plugin just extract the zip file and copy the folder ‚pocoti‘ to your plugins directory. Set write permissions for the server for this directory. Activate the plugin and go to the options panel, where you can set different options (colors, titles, size). To show the graph just include an image referencing the chart URL (given on the options page). You can include the chart into blog entries or into template files.

The graph is generated by the JpGraph Library, which is for non-commercial use only!

To use JpGraph and so to use this plugin, your server needs to comply with the following requirements:

  • PHP >= 4.3.1
  • GD Library >= 1.8 (with FreeType support), see phpinfo()…

Download Posts/Comments Time Plugin at WP Plugin Directory

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  1. Marcos | 06.02.2007 09:53

    Great tool for knowing better how people interact with your blog. You can guess from the peak time, where is the people mainly commenting from.

  2. Olaf | 07.02.2007 00:55

    Das ist ja mal spannend. Danke schön.

  3. Javier | 08.02.2007 13:32

    It is cool this plugin. I like very much. Thanks from Spain!.

  4. julial49 | 03.05.2007 15:03

    Darf ich auf deutsch schreiben?
    Jedenfalls zeigt das Plugin bei mir ein seltsames Verhalten: Nach der Aktivierung gehe ich zur Einstellungen-Seite, aber die ist leer. Also unterhalb der WordPress-Navigationsleiste ist alles weiß.
    Ich habe geprüft, ob mein Server die Voraussetzungen erfüllt und da ist alles da.
    Woran kann es liegen?

  5. radyo | 31.05.2008 16:53

    gibt es dieses tool acuh für den trafik zu messen auf der site